What If Austria-Hungary Reunited Today? The year is 2017, and that means that next year will mark the 100th anniversary since Austria-Hungary ceased existing as a country.

But what if for whatever reason, this old empire was suddenly recreated today with the exact same borders that it had in 1914 just prior to the first World War?

What exactly would Austria-Hungary look like if it existed today.

And could it actually survive for very long?

To start with, 14 different countries would be lost all or some of their territories to the newly created empire.

This would make the empire the 39th largest country in the modern world roughly the same size as Myanmar in Asia but Austria-Hungary would be the second-largest country in Europe behind only Russia.

In terms of population, however, the Empire would be home to 68,763,000 people which would place it as the third most populous nation in Europe behind both Russia and Germany but ahead of France.

Taking the entire world into consideration, though, and Austria-Hungary would have the 20 of the largest population larger than Thailand but remaining behind turkey this population would also be outrageously diverse, just like the old Empire in 1914 was.

What If Austria-Hungary Reunited Today?

In a sense, the struggles of nationalism within the Empire throughout its history contributed significantly to the Empire’s downfall 100 years ago and this would continue to be a major problem today as the old Empire, Germans and Hungarians would make up the two largest and most powerful ethnicities within the empire but even combined they would only make up about one-third of the total Imperial population the other largest ethnic groups would be the Ukrainians, Czechs, Romanians, Poles, Croats into a lesser degree Serbs, Bosniaks Slovenes, Italians, and Roman people.

As you can see there’s not a single ethnic group with any clear majority in the country while power would be invested almost entirely with the Germans and Hungarians alone.

Austria-Hungary was rather unique in the fact that the Empire had two capital cities, Vienna and Budapest since these two cities would remain as the largest cities in the Empire today and are already the capital of Austria and Hungary it is highly likely that they would become the dual capitals of the modern Empire as well.

The top five largest cities in the Empire would be Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Zagreb and Krakow.

Despite the fact that there were dozens of languages spoken in the Empire in 1914.

The only official languages were German and Hungarian.

This policy would likely continue today since these two languages would be the largest languages spoken within the country with Hungarian being understood by 17.5% of the population and German by 16% together adding to just over one out of every three people in the empire but this would be very problematic for the other two out of every three people who wouldn’t speak either language and would serve as another massive problem to keeping the country together.

Czech would be the third-largest language while Ukrainian and Russian would also be major languages understood by over ten percent of the population to just get to a point where 75% of the population could understand each other.

You would have to go through seven languages by also adding Romanian and Polish since the population that speaks Ukrainian is also largely the same population that speaks Russian the remaining 25% would be six other various languages meaning that there would be 13 major languages spoken within the Empire.

All of this land and people would mean that the modern Empire would have a GDP of 1.18 Trillion Dollars which would make the Empire the world’s 15 largest economies ahead of Mexico but remaining just behind Spain, Australia, and Russia this also means that the Empire would have a respectable GDP per capita of $17,160.00 which would place it at the 39th highest in the world ahead of present-day Estonia and an independent Slovakia but just behind Trinidad and Tobago and the independent Czech Republic with a moderately powerful economy, the Empire would also be estimated to have a modest military budget of 11.97 billion dollars.

This would be the 19th largest military budget in the world ahead of Spain but keeping behind the budgets of both Colombia and the United Arab Emirates the Imperial budget would be funding a military with 188,000 active-duty soldiers the 30th largest military in the world ahead of Germany and Syria but remaining smaller than both Morocco and France.

Pretty much all of the Empire’s territory will be located inside Europe except for this tiny tiny chunk of China less than one square kilometer insides the city of Tianjin.

Austria-Hungary occupied this tiny piece of land at sovereign territory briefly between 1901 and 1917 when it was return to China but since we’re recreating the Empire to exact borders in 1914 this area would have to be returned.

About 30,000 Chinese citizens living here suddenly find themselves to be citizens of the Austro-Hungarian Empire as a result.

As far as religion goes Catholics would account for the majority of the population at 44.37% of the population while Orthodox persons would be the second-largest at 18.2%.

Protestants would only be 4% while Sunni Muslims would be just 3.3%, Austria-Hungary today would also have a very large Atheist population accounting for nearly 20% of the entire population for nearly one out of every five people finally we would have to settle on somebody to become the present-day emperor of the Empire.

This guy named Otto Von Habsburg was the last crown prince of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, born in 1912 is the son of the last real emperor.

He didn’t renounce his claim to the throne of Austria until 1961 and died somewhat recently in 2011 at the age of 98.

His son, Carl Von Habsburg who is still alive today therefore would likely become the Emperor of this new empire, the direct grandson of the last reigning emperor in 1918.

But would this Empire actually be able to last very long with all of its difficulties or would it collapse into the dustbin of history just like the old Empire did in 1918?

Leave your thoughts and comments below .

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