The Brides Team


Elvis /Desiner

Elvis has been with edigitwatch since 2019.

Before joining edigitalwatch, he majored in jewelry design, and he studied with an old artist for ten years. After joining our team in 2018, he has been seeking original handmade craftsmanship from bridal  hair combs, hair clips, hair pins, crowns and may never see the calluses on Elvis’s hands, which represents a spirit of pursuit of beautiful things. We thank Elvis.

Every product, from conception, drawing, to the production of the first product, takes a lot of time for Elvis to create.

Effie /social editor



 Effie has been with edigitalwatch since 2019.

Before joining Brides, Effie  started her career in weddings by working on the social channels at Style Me Pretty and Style Me Pretty Living. She studied at Syracuse University and received a degree in Magazine Journalism.

We will upload the latest bride or wedding hairstyle videos and the latest product images on social platforms such as facebook, twitter, tiktok, imgur, tumblr, pinterest, ins.

Please follow us . you will update more for you. thanks!

Juliet/ Email editor

 Juliet has been with edigitalwatch  since 2019.

Before joining Brides, she held roles on the editorial teams of HuffPost, Allure, and Furthermore, Equinox’s digital magazine, writing about beauty, fitness, and entertainment news. Her passion for beauty and wellness was first sparked when she was an intern in the beauty closet at Cosmopolitan, and during her time as the Beauty Assistant at PeopleStyle. She graduated from Boston University with a double major in journalism and advertising.




 Martin has been with edigitalwatch since 2019.

This position is very important, and the return and exchange issues are generally encountered, so our team specially recruited Mark for this purpose to better handle these issues.

Martin has worked in large supermarkets, such as Walmart supermarkets, and will have 5 years of after-sales experience.

Regardless of any questions you have, please keep in touch with us as soon as possible.

E-mail:[email protected]




 Lydia has nearly 15 years of experience in media and is a veteran beauty expert with numerous appearances on television shows such as Today and Good Morning America.

Why did we choose Lydia as the manager?

In addition to her very experience, she is very serious in doing things, considering issues from a long-term perspective, we hope she can lead our team, whether online or offline, can achieve long-term development.

About edigitalwatch

Before 2020, we were a traditional offline physical store, which was well received by customers because of its high quality and affordable prices.

In 2020, we will focus our attention on the line. We hope that our products can meet the needs of brides, allowing you to grow a most unique and beautiful moment, which will always be kept in the deepest.

We are still young but we have the corn team strength to help us do better.

we will work harder,because we believe that tomorrow will be better.