Why do we plant trees to control desert?

The main impact of desertification is the decline in land productivity and the consequent reduction in agricultural and animal husbandry production, which will correspondingly bring about huge economic losses and a series of social consequences.
In extremely serious cases, it may even cause a large number of ecological refugees.

In 1980, the United Nations Environment Program further estimated the economic losses caused by the failure to prevent drought and land degradation. It is estimated that the total loss will be about 520 billion US dollars in the next 20 years.

How do we manage the desert?

1. Sand control first needs water. it must be funded by the state & social groups to proceed. 2. The fundamental need for sand control is to plant trees and grass. This investment is also huge, and it also requires the joint implementation of social groups. 3. The most effective way to control killings is to plant trees and grass and to envelop. Generally, start at the edge of the desert and plant sand-prevention forests. Over time, there will be obvious results and then continue to the center of the desert. 4. Desertification control is a long-term process. Let alone three years and five years, even ten or twenty years, we may not be able to see actual progress, and we will continue to do this with perseverance.

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We use $5 in our order for fixed funds to control the desert.

Planting trees is very slow. Together with you, we are making the earth better and better.