Sunday, September 19, 2021


Every country has its own history and has a deep culture, click here, let you know more.

Humans Need Not Apply

Humans Need Not Apply: Every human used to have to hunt or gather to survive. But humans are smart…ly lazy so we made tools...

What Is Federal Land?

What Is Federal Land?The United States of America --you too Hawaii, and Alaska,to scale, for once. Ever since these states united to create America, the...

How Many Countries Are There?

How many countries are there? Easy: just grab a map and start counting, yes? No. Not all maps are created equal -- borders will differ...

Can Texas Secede From The Union?

Can Texas Secede from the Union? America's second most populated and second-largest state is always first to remind you that it was once an...

Where Is Scandinavia?

Where Is Scandinavia? Look at this Arctic wonderland -- fjords, saunas, fjords, lutefisk, blondes, Vikings, blond Vikings?, fjords, Ikea, babies in government-issued boxes, Santa,...

How To Become Pope?

How To Become Pope? Let’s say you want to become pope, head of the Catholic Church, and shepherd to over 1 billion faithful. What requirements...

The Rules For Rulers

The Rules For Rulers :Do you want to rule? Do you see the problems in your country and know how to fix them? If only...

Who Owns Antarctica?

Who Owns Antarctica? Antarctica, home to the south pole(s), penguins, and about 5000 people during the summers, but less than 1000 during the ever...

The Most Deadly Job In America

The Most Deadly Job In America:When the president dies, who becomes the president? Well, the Constitution says what happens next is the vice president assumes...

Death & Dynasties

Death & Dynasties:Rulers are so often related: power passes from member to member, forming a dynasty. Not just with royalty or dictators, but also with...